Week 4 Artist Conversation Samuel Jernigen

This artist had a very bright mind. His exhibition: “Weight of Whimsy and Ideals”, is brilliant. I was fascinated by his use of color. One such piece that I was interested in was a ceramic piece of the upper body of a princess with a children’s toy as a head. It really makes you wonder what these Artists are thinking about when they create such ideas. Unfortunately, I only snap chatted my art experience, so many of the images I took became deleted. In one such capture of the exhibit, there was the princess head toy in view aligned with Prof. Zucman colorful dreads. In another of his pieces, I saw colorfully painted lightbulbs. I became lost to the meanings of colors. Different colors make up the world. Colors can be associated as feelings, but it makes me wonder if they can be associated with thoughts. I am a visual learner, and colors help me identify things. Anyway, during the interviews, I learned that the artist had an obsessions with fine writing pens. He said he collected them, and I have a similar liking. He also had curly hair such as myself. I guess in order to try to understand his work I have to understand him. But I can only understand him if I understand myself. The other exhibition was great! I observed Jane Weibel’s exhibition with a biological mind. The use of squares and scaling made me think of small units. She used her skin, and water on a grand scale. So I instantly thought of cells and molecules. Her exhibition of the 3 Selves was the only image I was able to capture on my phone camera.Visually, it is a masterpiece. IMG_0660


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