Wk 3 – Drawing With Snapchat- Cynthia Esquivias

Snapchat is a creative tool to communicate with one another. I believe we have a faster freedom that Matisse and Picasso had when they shared pictures rather than words. A few words say exactly what you mean. But an image, filled with colors, design, etc., says way more to other person than you initially intended. This is also a great form of expression. Forms of expression are very important because it allows us to feel like we matter. What we feel and think, matters. When we express ourselves, we open ourselves to what can be a dark world. Many can find shelter in your warm red tones. Many can find peace in the different shades of blue. Many things can be symbolic for someone. At the galleries, I was lost in Josh Vasquez’s artwork. It was all black and white, which I believed he intended to simplify the idea of death and life. Black representing death. White representing life. Many of us fear death, but this exhibit has made me change a bit of my perspective on it. Death, does not need to be more than the loss of light. Black, is by definition, the absence of light. During the interview, Josh kept his ideals real simple. I even asked him if he had nightmares. He denied, but I saw things in his art that he did not even notice. Its great to share ourselves. We might not always know what we need. IMG_0603IMG_0604IMG_0612IMG_0643


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