Week 2- Beach Plaster Activity- Peacefulness

I had a great experience with this week’s activity. Upon arrival, I found a great spot to dig a hole. I had my cousin by my side to keep me company. It was a very cold, windy day. I chose to create a mold of a peace sign, as cliche’ as it is. Peace is something very important to me and I definitely felt the most peaceful vibes on this Sunday afternoon. The sun was shining so luminously, the sounds of the waves began to ease the mind of all the internal thoughts. I was such in a great place spiritually on this day. When it was time to create the plaster mix, I began to approach the shore when I looked down and noticed something red. As my eyes focused on the object, I realized that it was a rose petal. When I got to the shore to pick up some water, I found the source of the object. There laying on the wet sand was one washed up red rose. Its red color was still so vibrant, it was a fresh flower. I picked up it up and felt instantly grateful. I felt so lucky to have found it, it was like it was meant for me. I felt beauty around me; I felt loved at this moment. When I was waiting for my mold to dry, I sat and pondered by our beautiful earthly view. I felt the sun’s warmth shining on me. I definitely had a spiritual experience on January 31, 2016. I wish peace and love for all the Earth’s inhabitants.

-Cynthia L. Esquivias


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