Silly Wabbit! Trix are for kids.

I love that I chose this children’s playground as my landscape. I am big kid at heart so therefore choosing this scene as my departure takes aways the heaviness of the matter. I thought it was an interesting contrast: the subject matter and the scene. I pictured myself dying by falling off the very top of the playground and hitting my head on the way down. I used minimal makeup on my forehead to play on the reason of death. This was one of the most interesting assignments that I have ever had the chance to do. I enjoyed this activity overall. It was also very effortless. I took the most time on trying to figure out the landscape. Once I set my eyes and my mind on the playground, it was fairly easy from there. The wood chips that I laid on were the only problem because it kind of hurt. Hope you like it!IMG_0489IMG_0485


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